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Why Partner With Alliance To Sell Your Firm?

How are we different from the “national brokers” :

Local – We will meet you face to face. Do you really want to have a firm sell your life’s work without actually meeting them?

Valuation Experience – You can’t just put a generic multiple on all practices. Each firm is unique and should be valued independently. We have over 30 years of experience in valuing all types and sizes of businesses.

Deal structure – When selling our accounting practices we have found that a carefully designed transition was critical for client and employee retention.

Price – Our commissions are lower than the national firms. We believe you have worked many years to grow your business. You should not have to pay 10% – 12% of the sales price to a national broker.

Experience – We have been involved in more than $100 million in acquisition & sale transactions over the course of 30+ years. We have experience in high level negotiations with regard to the sale/purchase of companies, financing of transactions and joint venture arrangements.

We think “out of the box” with regard to structuring transactions
Every transaction is unique. We attempt to understand the seller’s motivations in the sales process and structure the deal to meet the seller and buyers goals.

Transition Assistance – If needed we can be resource for you in transition process. As we have personal experience in purchasing and selling our own practice(s) we can use our experience to help in the transition process.