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Allianceʼs 10 Steps to a Successful Transaction

Step 1: Engage A Professional Intermediary – Experts save valuable time and money. Inexperience can adversely affect the outcome of oneʼs life work.

Step 2: Implement an Acquisition Strategy – We implement a strategy based on each clientʼs specific goals and objectives. These may include increasing their customer base, acquiring new talent, adding new services, or developing an exit or merger strategy.

Step 3: Business Valuation – We effectively represent sellers by professionally valuing their practices using industry standards that are determined by current market conditions.

Step 4: Buyer and Seller Profiles – A professional presentation details in a clear, concise and accurate manner each of the practicesʼ services, revenue streams, fees, profits, history, personnel, clients and potential.

Step 5: Qualify Buyers – We research buyers on behalf of our sellers, in strict confidence, with respect to their reputation, cash to close, financial condition and credit history.

Step 6: Letter of Intent – All of the major issues in a successful transaction are negotiated in the Letter of Intent. We address and resolve all of these issues – before due diligence.

Step 7: Due Diligence – Our attention to detail in quantifying and verifying all aspects of a practice, beforehand, results in a timely and organized process yielding “no surprises.”

Step 8: Contract Negotiations – We advise clients on critical matters contained in the Purchase and Sale Agreement, Employment Agreement, Non-Compete Agreement and Financing Agreement.

Step 9: Coordinate Closing – We coordinate the closing with the attorneys assuring the provision of the required documentation: contracts, assignments, agreements and exhibits.

Step 10: A Smooth Transition – Much of the work begins after closing when numerous critical details must be resolved. Alliance addresses these issues before closing, documenting their implementation.