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The Sales Process

We work with each individual client to find the right purchaser at the best price and terms. We visit each firm we represent, reviewing its operation, its financial results, and its future potential in order to arrive at the best possible offering price and best possible purchaser.

It has been our experience that in some circumstances it may make not be advantageous to take the highest offer. Factors such as the structure of the deal, the reputation and fit of the buyer and the post-transaction consulting arrangements all must be considered in evaluating an offer.

Buyers are screened and qualified, then personally introduced to you. All offers are negotiated by us and we oversee every aspect of the closing process.

Before we market your practice we meet with you to assess your needs, review your practice and help you establish an appropriate value for your practice. The market is very active, and the old rule of thumb valuations are no longer adequate. Without this review you could either set too low of a price and not realize the full potential of your practice, or set the price unrealistically high and delay or circumvent the sale.

Note: You will receive an informal valuation when you list your practice with Alliance. The informal valuation will be performed by Mr. Staniszewski, who is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA).

Our marketing efforts include regional advertising, direct mail and telemarketing follow up. We have a large database of qualified buyers in your area. Each prospect is first pre-qualified to establish that they have the necessary financial resources and technical background to be a viable purchaser.

Confidentiality is foremost in all of our contacts and transactions.

Before we release any information or even your firm name, we obtain non-disclosure agreements with each of our prospects. All contacts with your office are very discrete. Once we agree to market your practice we prepare offering information to best present your practice to the market, with information on practice mix, your community, fee structures and the type of purchaser we are looking for. Confidentiality is extremely important. We understand that most of our clients do not want other practice owners in their community know that that his or her practice is up for sale.

Once we have established that we have bona-fide candidates to purchase your practice, we then arrange for interviews so we can introduce the prospects to you. This is not only for the prospects to see your practice, but for you to assess the personality and traits of the potential purchasers to determine how well you feel your clients and employees will make the transition to this person.

We work with you throughout the negotiation process, to insure you get the best price and terms. First draft documents are furnished for your use, and we follow up on all contract contingencies so nothing is left to chance. Our philosophy is that the more serious buyers there are in the process, the higher probability that the seller obtains the best price, structure and buyer (personality etc.)

We maintain a close working relationship with several lending sources. We assist buyers in the loan application and structuring, maintain contact with the lending development officer, and have direct contact with their underwriter and loan packager. When documents or additional information are needed, they communicate directly with us to expedite the process.

Nothing is left to chance in your transaction.

Once we have a deal signed, we work with you to clear any contingencies and set up escrow. We follow through on all escrow issues, title searches, document preparation and signing, ascertain that all funds have been deposited and disbursed. This attention to detail is what keeps your transaction on track and intact, with no surprises, delays or disappointments.

We work with the purchaser to obtain financing, and walk you through the entire closing process. Once the sale is concluded, we offer insights into the transition process to assure it goes smoothly.