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Pricing Plans I & II

Because clients request a different level of service from a broker/intermediary in the sale of their practice, Alliance believes that that there should be a different way of pricing our services than the national brokerage companies. I’ve had many discussions over the years with CPAs that the 10% -12% commission structure (with a $12,000 minimum) does not make a lot of sense if the CPA chooses to perform the bulk of the work in the Sales Process. I know personally that paying 10% (of the Sales Price) for the broker’s buyer data base and initial screening of clients seemed liked a steep price to pay. Alliance truly wants the Sellers we represent to feel like they paid a reasonable fee for our services upon the completion of our services.

With that in mind we are offering two commission pricing packages to our clients:

Plan I: Commission – 5% (l) 

Included services:

  • Informal valuation of your firm
  • Signed Confidentiality/Nondisclosure from prospective buyers
  • Buyer Qualification
  • Alliance’s database of buyers
  • Summary of buyer qualifications for Seller to pick who he/she want to meet with
  • Assistance in preparing Practice profile
  • Consultation during the Sales process such as:
    • Terms of the Sale
  • Negotiating with multiple buyers

Additional Services at Alliance’s hourly rates (2)(3)

  • Screening of Potential Buyers to narrow down buyer pool to be interviewed by Seller to a manageable level (typically 2-5 potential buyers depending on Seller preference)
  • Consultation during the Sales process such as:
    • Non-legal assistance with review of Letter of Intent and Contract
    • Financing Issues
    • Client and employee retention strategies
    • Transition Issues
    • Other

(1) $8,000 minimum (vs $12,000 minimum for some of the national brokerage firms)
(2) $150 per hour M. Staniszewski/$90 Staff rate
(3) Payable if practice not sold (ie not a success fee)

Plan II: Commission – 8% (1) 

All Services in Plan I included

(1) $8,000 minimum (vs $12,000 minimum for some of the national brokerage firms)