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About Us

Marty Staniszewski has been responsible for more than $100 million in acquisition & sale transactions over the course of his over 30+ years experience in finance and accounting.

Mr. Staniszewski has experience in high level negotiations with regard to the sale/purchase of companies, financing of transactions and joint venture arrangements.

As Chief Financial Officer of a mid-sized manufacturing company, Mr. Staniszewski has significant experience in the transition of large financial staffs with regard to the acquisition and sale of businesses. In many transactions, the financial aspect of the transaction is given all the emphasis and the strategy with regard to the transition of staff and development of a client retention strategy is neglected which often has negative implications for both the buyer and seller.

Mr. Staniszewski has also purchased CPA firms and has sold his own payroll processing practice and accounting practice.

Public Accounting Experience

Mr. Staniszewski is a CPA and has a Master in Taxation (MST). Marty has worked in two Big 4 CPA firms in his career and has owned and operated a small firm for 10+ years.

Education & Memberships

Mr. Staniszewski earned a BS in Finance and an MBA from Northern Illinois University along with a Master in Taxation (MST) from DePaul University. Marty is a member of the Illinois CPA Society, the National Association of Valuation Consultants (NACVA) and the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).